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Managing organisational changes in an effective way is crucial. Matreeco wants to contribute : Initiating, defining and implementation of changes preferable takes place in a structural way, taking care of every element in the pyramid of change. This expertise is on board, based upon management experiences of 30 years.

Unique is the practical approach : during training, coaching or team support, next steps are defined referring to practical realistic cases. Further Matreeco participates actively in a network of training-companies.

Successful managing change means an optimal combination of :
realising new company goals and targets
motivating stakeholders : sufficient colleagues, employees and management members have to be on board in an engaged attitude to be successful. The approach of Matreeco is goal oriented and integrates change management in the day to day business.

Change is “a must to survive”. Complexity and turbulence are reality in daily life. Companies being able to change in a continuous way, secure their future. Change is a part of the company culture.

Matreeco has the ambition to secure historical European management capabilities related to change management.
This knowledge must be transferred to young, promising change managers.


Matreeco introduces three ways of cooperation :

1) Support of management teams.
The starting point can be the formulation of a new strategic direction, or the translation of this new direction into practical next steps. Crucial here is acceptance : Matreeco has practical experience to make this happen in a 1 or 2 – days workshop, resulting in a detailed action plan.

2) Focussed training.
Focussed training is developed around the 4 cornerstones of change management (change management, knowledge management, business processes and finally risk management). For these subjects, standard training packages are available. Other training options can be set up in a customized way.

3) Coaching of managers with growing responsibilities related to change management. Masterful coaching is one of our unique selling points : coaching is more than teaching. A six step approach is followed, starting with a strengths analysis, leading to a personal development plan, based upon strengths, focussed on long and short term opportunities (step 6). During coaching, practical cases based upon own experience
are discussed. Change management is the central theme.

A successful change =
1) setting a clear direction
2) employees who want to change
      train and let them participate
3) changing your business
4) managing risks

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