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Our deliverables  

1) support of change processes

Managing change in a successful way means : the organisation is focussed on the new direction in a
fast and efficient way.

Efficient : Employees, colleagues and management have to be involved in setting up the required change.
Motivating believers, and listening to constructive mentioned risks are important.

Fast : Changing fast is based on the capabilities to translate strategic direction into clear action plans.
Matreeco supports both processes. Managing the balance between content quality and involvement of stakeholders is crucial.

2) Focussed trainingen, in concreto

Customized workshops, set up in full communication with customer.
4 standard training modules are available.

Risk management is focussed on defining and controlling risks. Starting point is an available plan of what to be realized. Think about : a technical design, a restructuring of an organization, a market introduction plan, a project plan. With this training, participants are able to define risks in a 2 hours risk analysis session, and are able to create a risk reduction plan. Focus group : managers and project leaders.

Knowledge management is focussed on knowledge, to be available when the business is asking for it. This is directly connected to competence management : What are required competences of employees, in line with business goals and in line with personal ambition and motivation. Participants are able to define a knowledge plan in line met business plans, AND preparing performance appraisal communication with their team members.
Focus group : middle management and members of management teams

Change management is focussed on practical set up and implementation of organizational changes. Essential core in the training is managing the balance between the change-content and empowerment of stakeholders;
Employees, colleagues and management are actively involved in the whole trajectory.
Focus group : management teams

Set up / adaptation of business processes : Modern, market oriented companies put priority to the set of actions between first customer contact, and delivery of the order. Especially in big or growing companies, it has been proven that hierarchical or functional structures hamper the fast- and reliable delivery to customers. In a process controlled (matrix) organization, a distinction is made between business operation at one side, and hierarchical/functional control at the other side. If both sides are managed well, a high level of self-control arises in the organization. Even disturbances are managed in the processes themselves, and not via hierarchy. Participants are not only introduced in the basics of a self controlling organization, but are also able to set up a process-architecture for their working environment. Focus group : management team members.

All 4 training modules are based upon experiences out of daily management practice.
Besides training, these principles can also be a applied in coaching sessions.

3) coaching of promising change managers.

Managers with growing responsibilities in change management, are crucial in change – processes.
Matreeco did support many coaching trajectories in companies.

The approach in masterfull coaching covers 6 phases :
Strengths analysis : building on strengths is the headline in coaching
Making the link to long term ambition
Short term opportunities
Areas for improvement
Teaching quick wins
Creating and realizing of an own personal development plan

Time investment : Support of management teams in a change process : to be discussed with customer.

Coaching : Individual coaching of managers with growing responsibilities in the area of change management :
6 sessions, half a day each.

Focussed Training : Risk management, Business processes (self steering organizations), knowledge management for every training module : 2 sessions, half a day each : +/- 10 participants: First session : principles and practical cases; second session : group-discussion about actual situation in working environment or special assignment (to be prepared in homework).

Basic training change management :
3 sessions, half a day each : max 10 participants
2 sessions : basic principles and practical cases.
1 session : group-discussion about actual situation in working environment or special assignment (homework).

A successful change =
1) setting a clear direction
2) employees who want to change
      train and let them participate
3) changing your business
4) managing risks

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