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Piet Bosmans, founder of Matreeco, has a 30 year of management experience in a multinational environment. During his career he met several crisis situations : Fast and optimal changes were necessary to secure continuity for the business unit where he was responsible for.

His approach is unique for 2 reasons :

1) Defining and implementing a change program is only successful if sufficient stakeholders believe, support, and cooperate. The balance between managing content and inspiring people is crucial.

2) Managing a change is a combination of creating a plan on headlines, using a set of tools, inspiring people, also in generating risks. 30 years of experience as line manager is the fundament for a practical approach. In his career Piet Bosmans took many times a leading role in initiating and implementing turn arounds. (National, as well as international). His approach is mostly experienced as unique, motivating and positive. He always took responsibility to manage the change till the end of implementation and evaluation.

Some realised change programs :

A factory produced products, based upon old fashioned technology : Sales were decreasing dramatically. The factory had the choice between closure or radical change to a complete new product family. Result : In 1 year, the factory was equipped to produce the new product range.

Centurion – operation - Philips : The change over from a hierarchical controlled organisation to a business process-controlled business unit. His engineerings group took the lead in the restructuring of the business unit; The site followed, using the same structure.

The time to market of new product innovations was too slow. Competition introduced faster. The factory was reorganised in such a way that product development, process- and equipment development took place in a concurrent way (parallel way of working instead of serial).
Result : a new organization model where product-development engineers took fast-ramping-up conditions into account.

An engineering business unit was still working conform their unique selling points of ten years ago. Engineering customers were looking to available alternatives : faster and cheaper. The change program was directed on : looking outside, downsizing and focus on remaining unique selling points.

Two results :
a) A new approach for project management was implemented and secured, based upon a World standard (PMBOK), throughputtime 1 year.
b) A part of the engineerings-activity was transferred to low wage countries (Poland and Thailand)

A growing company was coached in the transfer from the pioneer phase (= opportunities operational managed by the founders) to a more mature organisation where operational business processes are in place, steering all activities from order to customer delivery. Result : a self-steering organization in 1 year.

A successful change =
1) setting a clear direction
2) employees who want to change
      train and let them participate
3) changing your business
4) managing risks

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